What if.....

you could learn a simple, tired and proven way of transforming the destructive tension of conflict into the dynamic energy of creativity on the spot, in real time, while addressing your needs, the needs of the team, and the customers all while creating a buy-in and sharing goals? How valuable would it be for you?

Conscious Choosing for Flow gives you this empowering technology through a model called the Formula for Flow.

If your team or business struggles with a misalignment of competing visions, emotional reactivity, lack of follow through and not getting the results you need to be valuable and effective then Conscious Choosing for Flow is for you.


Training & Coaching Videos

On this page, you will be able to sample some of the consutling, coaching and training tools we use at Friends of Success.


Consistent & Sustainable Results...

Learn how to create consistent and sustainable results for individuals, teams
and organizations....

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The Formula for Success:

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